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1480 HWY 183

Stockton, KS 67669

Phone/Fax: (785) 425 ‑ 7070

Email: [email protected]


1480 HWY 183

Stockton, KS 67669

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Phone/Fax: (785) 425 ‑ 7070

Email: [email protected]

Corporate Contacts:

Art Wilkens - President

Steve Wilkens - Vice President

Diana Baumann - Chief Financial Officer

Steven Ellenberger - National Sales Manager

Diana Baumann - CFO

Jennifer Larsen – HR Contact

Stockton Contacts:

Michael McCleary - Plant Manager

James Becker - Service Manager

Jason Creighton - Parts Manager

Brad Williams - Tarp Shop Manager

Stockton Sales;

Mike Kincheloe – Sales Rep.

Steve Wilkens - Sales Rep.

Steve Ellenberger - Sales Rep

Myra Monroe - Sales Rep

Drew Wilkens - Sales Rep

Rental Contacts:

Drew Wilkens

Bethel Contacts:

Amanda Handschuh – General Manager

Harry Schrader - Service

Paul Batten - Parts

Bethel Sales:

Ken Burd – Sales Rep.

Jordyn Wilkens – Sales Rep. (Southeast)

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